Dog Bed CLASSIC Pink
Dog Bed CLASSIC Pink
Dog Bed CLASSIC Pink

Dog Bed CLASSIC Pink

Legowisko CLASSIC w kolorze pudrowego różu z dodatkiem szarości to klasyczne i funkcjonalne posłanie, które zapewni Twojemu pupilowi maximum wypoczynku i relaxu.

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CLASSIC Bed  is a classic and functional bed that will ensure your pet maximum rest and relaxation. The CLASSIC BED was created for our quadrupeds and to provide them with the most comfortable rest. This soft and cozy bed will be the perfect asylum for your pet, in which he will be able to laze freely. The CLASSIC BED  will also satisfy the pets owners, because the classic shape and universal color of the bed will fit into any interior. The bed is made of the best quality fabrics, which are characterized by high resistance to dirt and water. This means high comfort of use, because slight dirt can be removed on a regular basis with a damp cloth. In addition, the biggest advantage is the fact that the lair has a completely removable cover, so we can remove the fillers and wash the lair manually or in the washing machine in a delicate hand washing program. This strong, upholstery fabric is also resistant to abrasion, thanks to which the bed will serve your dog for years. The BED is filled with the highest quality silicone down, which is distinguished by high elasticity and the use of it as a filling causes that the bed does not deform and retains its shape even after a long time of use.

The Bed is available in three sizes:

Size S - 60 width, 50 length, 15 cm high

Size M - 70 width, 50 length, 20 cm high

Size L  - 95 width, 75 length, 20 cm high

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